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Move well and you’ll enjoy moving often

At Focus Movement Therapy we offer the most progressive Studio Pilates in Newcastle. Studio Pilates is a method of restorative exercise using specialised apparatus. It has earned a strong reputation for its ability to improve movement and reduce common musculoskeletal pains. It has helped countless people with low back pain since its inception.

It has certainly evolved over the years, and so it should. With better knowledge, should come better practice. Focus Movement Therapy integrates the modern principles governing the movement system seamlessly with the Pilates methodology to improve its efficacy and effectiveness as a solution for common musculoskeletal ailments. We use the same traditional equipment and exercises. We’ve removed what was ineffective and added things to richen your experience and results. Importantly, there is a why behind every exercise you do. We don’t just pull exercises from a library of exercises or do exercises because it seemed to work for someone else.


At Focus we direct Pilates at improving the function of the ‘core‘. There are many definitions of the core in various circles. We concern ourselves with developing a core that provides a stable trunk allowing limbs to express range of motion, strength and power with control and efficiency. We progress this function of the core into movements requiring  strength and eventually power.


The Function of the Core is to create proximal stability for distal mobility and athleticism.


A stable core is essential for tasks of daily living as well as athletic pursuits. Arms and legs require a stable trunk to work against. One way of looking at this is comparing running on soft sand compared to firm sand. It’s easier to run on firm sand because we have a more stable platform to work off. It’s more efficient because the sand underneath us doesn’t give way. Similarly we can express more force, more efficiently  against a stable core.

At Focus, Studio Pilates sessions are highly individualised. An initial assessment is required to establish your baseline of movement, identify goals and program accordingly. You may be required to do a couple of individual sessions prior to a class to ensure you are safe on the equipment and get the most out of the small group setting.

Small Group sessions are capped at a maximum of 4 participants to 1 instructor. This ensures appropriate instruction and supervision. Studio Pilates sessions run for 60 minutes and we recommend attending twice a week.

Still have questions or unsure if Pilates is right for you? Please don’t hesitate contact us.

Duo’s and private sessions available on request