A note from the Directors:

Focus Movement Therapy was born out of a relentless pursuit to find a better way of offering healthcare. To be frank, we were dissatisfied with the standard model of physiotherapy and believed in better. We’ve undertaken studies and sought tutelage from some of leaders in rehabilitation, fitness and performance and have developed our own approach to movement restoration and performance rehabilitation. We pride ourselves in what we do and the outcomes we create.

Outside the clinic we are just your average couple. We love the outdoors, travel, exploring nature, readings books in the sun, eating out and having fun. We know that all of it requires movement. This is why we are so passionate about empowering others to move well so that they can pursue what they enjoy most in life.

Aleisha & Erik Pobre

Directors, Focus Movement Therapy

Aleisha Pobre

Physiotherapist | Director

M. Physiotherapy
BSc. Sport & Exercise Science

Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1 | 2
Functional Movement Screen 1 | 2
Y Balance Test
Prague School to Athletic Development Part A | B – Craig Liebenson

Stuart McGill Build Your Own Back: From Rehabilitation to High Performance, Level 1&2
Mobility and Stability for Performance – Greg Dea
The Art of Coaching Certified – Dan John
Polestar Pilates Studio Qualification

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification
Lyn Watson Shoulder Rehabilitation
Sports Physiotherapy Level 1

Erik Pobre

Physiotherapist | Director

M. Physiotherapy
BSc. Exercise & Sport Science
BSc. Nutrition – Dietetics

Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1 | 2
Functional Movement Screen 1 | 2
Y – Balance Test certified
FMS Screening & Breathing
Prague School to Athletic Development Part A | Part B – Craig Liebenson
Dry Needling lvl 1 | lvl 2 adv. | lvl 3 adv.
Mobility & Stability for Performance – Greg Dea
Functional Strength & Rehabilitation Workshop – Andrew Read, Greg Dea, Andrew Locke
StrongFeet Certified – Tim Brandson
The Running Lab Coach/Practitioner Workshop – Tim Brandson
Watson Headache Approach
The Art of Coaching Cerfified – Dan John
Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Peter Maliaris
Running Biomechanics – Jason Mclaren
HardStyle Kettlebell Certified
Cert III/IV Fitness – Personal Training