Our Advanced Physiotherapy Approach

Your time and body are precious. Expect a higher standard of service from Focus.

An Integrated Approach 


A paradigm shift in movement and performance rehabilitation is currently occurring internationally and is set to revolutionise the way we view rehabilitation. A focus on function rather than structure, movement patterns rather than parts and re-establishing movement control is at the heart of this paradigm. We operate at the forefront of this shift and the result is effective and durable outcomes for our community. We can only do so after learning directly from the leaders of this movement both locally and internationally. These experts are not only Physiotherapists. They include chiropractors, osteopaths and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. 

Our System of Movement Restoration and Performance Rehabilitation is unique to Focus Movement Therapy. We function on a continuum of care from pain and dysfunction to function and performance. This corresponds closely with our treatment strategies that include Manual Therapy, Restorative Exercise and Strength Training. We place significant emphasis on the assessment. That way your entry point for treatment is accurate and we get you moving in the right direction swiftly and effectively. Treatment Strategies we use include:


Manual Therapy

  • Soft Tissue Massage
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Advanced Dry Needling
  • Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations
  • Watson Headache Assessment & Treatment

We use Manual therapy to address mobility restrictions and tissue quality before reinforcing our changes with movement strategies. You should expect significant changes within each session. If there is no change we are first to acknowledge it, reassess and change tact.

Restorative Exercise

  • Neurodevelopment kinesology
  • Corrective exercise
  • Pilates

This is a critical component in rehabilitation that we excel at and is often missed. In our system, Manual Therapy must be followed by a corrective exercise strategy to ensure results “stick”. The exercise we get you to do are prescriptive for your dysfunctions and stage of rehabilitation and not based on protocol. We do expect them to be done as we plan to progress in the next session rather than ‘chase or our tails’.

Strength Training

  • Functional Training 
  • Progressive loading and resistance training

Reloading movement patterns after they have been restored is essential for ensuring a durable return to your activities. Put simply, you need to show integrity under load so that you can withstand load. The load depends on the requirements of the activities you wish to return to. For those with Athletic pursuits or participate in more vigorous endeavours see the Performance Arm of Focus Movement Therapy.

We DO NOT use
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Interferential
  • Tens
  • Heat packs

Why? Put simply, it’s because these treatments have been shown to be one of the following: ineffective, only offer symptomatic management (they may be useful for home), no better than rest.