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The outcome of real rehabilitation is function, performance and sustainable athleticism

Welcome to Focus Movement Therapy

Looking for A Physiotherapist in Newcastle West with a clear vision?

We understand that the outcome of real rehabilitation is a return to function, fitness and sustainable athleticism.

Focus movement therapy is an ever evolving practice dedicated to movement restoration and performance rehabilitation. What drives us is our mission to empower our local community to pursue life without pain or restriction.

We look at the big picture. There is a crisis occurring globally where lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain Cancers are on the rise. Desk bound jobs, time pressures and general inactivity all contribute to the sedentary way of life most in the community are accustomed to.

The solution is clear. Make time to exercise (and eat well). What underpins all exercise is movement. As Gray cook from the FMS so eloquently puts it, “Move well and move often”. The problem we face is that the sedentary lifestyle silently degrades our movement quality so that we don’t move well. This is why so often, many start exercise with great intentions only to lose heart because it becomes painful. We have difficulty getting into positions that the exercise requires. It’s also why many don’t enjoy moving and exercise in the first place.

It is absolutely possible to get fit on top of poor movement. We see it all the time. What does it look line in 5, 10 or 20 years from now though. At Focus we are all for fitness and engaging in vigorous activity. We enjoy the benefits of hard training and vigorous outdoor pursuits week in and week out. We just aim for movement health while chasing fitness and performance. This is sustainable athleticsim 

The outcome of real rehabilitation goes well beyond pain relief. It is a return to function, fitness and performance. We need to restore your confidence in your body. It is not fragile but robust.

Our practice is directed at restoring movement and performance. One of our core beliefs is that the human Body is innately resilient. We currently sit on top of the food chain because up until fifty years ago we were the most adaptable species with the ability to efficiently cover great distances in search of food and shelter. All of it required movement. In this world of convenience and quick fixes there is no way around allocating time for better movement. The health of all bodily systems is dependent on movement. Let us guide you back to better movement so that you can move well, move often and enjoy a healthy life free of pain and restriction.


An Integrated Approach to better movement

It makes sense to do your research when looking for a Physiotherapist in Newcastle. After all, it is your body that you are trusting someone with. Please take the time to learn more about our approach.