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Physiotherapist in Newcastle

Focus Movement Therapy is home to Physiotherapists in Newcastle with excellent credibility and reputation for outstanding results. Our focus is on ensuring a durable return to the activities you enjoy.

We do this by utilising the most advanced methods as well as the time proven ones. Our continuum of care integrates Manual therapy, Restorative Exercise and Strength training seamlessly and effectively. Our Systematic Physiotherapy assessment is paramount to what we deliver. It ensures we don’t just treat pain but address the cause of it. It also ensures we remove treatment bias and we choose the right tool for the right job.

Your time and body are precious.  Don’t Settle for anything lessWe go above and beyond the scope of Physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapist in Warners Bay assessing a hand for rehabilitation
Physiotherapist in Warners Bay performing Lumbar mobilisation
Pilates in Newcastle


At Focus we provide the most progressive Studio Pilates in Newcastle. Pilates has evolved since it’s inception and so it should.  With advancements in knowledge in human movement and performance, methods and practice should improve too. Our Physiotherapists integrate the principles governing the human movement system seamlessly with traditional Pilates. We use our Pilates sessions to restore movement with movement. We offer highly individualised programs that are guided by our Physiotherapists.

Performance Physiotherapy

This arm of Focus Movement Therapy is dedicated to those with athletic pursuits looking for efficiency in movement, athletic sustainability and injury resilience. Our understanding of movement control and altering it allows us to plug the leaks in performance so that adaptability and outputs are maximised.

We are the first to bring Move2Perform analysis to Newcastle and can only do so due to specialised training. To be clear, we do not replace your Strength and Conditioning professional or skills coach. We function to support them so that their programming is received by a robust and adaptable movement system i.e. yours.

From Professional to Weekend warrior we can ensure your efforts in training are maximised.

If you are a Trainer, S&C professional or skills coach get in contact with us so we can work together to optimise your athletes’ results.

Client of Physio in Warners Bay Jumping over Hurdle